COVE is a licensed Adult Day Care Facility in Ventura County. COVE provides care for people twenty-two years age and older with developmental disabilities.

Each consumer is given an individualized plan including behavioral programs, goals, and a schedule of activities. We work to create a natural learning environment for those with disabilities. COVE emphasizes individuals feel a part of a community as well as integrate social skills into their daily living.

COVE has specialized TCRC vendorized programs and support programs including: community outings, transportation, nursing services, behavioral services, as well as exceeds ratios for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory persons.

As part of their daily routine at COVE Adult Day Care, the clients and staff participate in a variety of activities, including arts and crafts, ceramics, sensory activities, music, exercise classes, sports, activities of daily living exercises, vocational skills training, educational activities, behavioral goal-setting, and gardening.

While a Center Based ADC, COVE takes part in regular community integration excursions, which can include going to the cinema, bowling, parks, museums, libraries, shopping trips, as well as attending small-scale community events like farmers markets and festivals.

Additionally, every year individuals can submit projects to the Ventura County Fair and then are given the opportunity to attend and participate in fair events.

COVE offers a visit to the Santa Barbara Zoo where individuals are able to learn about wildlife, interact with animals, and socialize with peers in a new environment. Those who wish to join this experience have the opportunity to go on a boat trip and observe the Channel Islands, as well as watch whales, dolphins, seals, and other marine creatures.

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