transportation graphic

Cove is vendorized for transportation to and from program as well as for outings for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory clients.

licensed nursing graphic
licensed nursing Services

During program hours a full nursing team is on staff to provide assistance for medical care and may include RN, or LVN, and Nursing Assistant.

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Behavioral Health Services

Our program assists individuals in developing and maintaining effective behavior management skills to include developing coping strategies in a safe and supportive environment.

no-ambulatory services graphic
Non-Ambulatory Services

Our program was tailored to cater to individuals who are non-ambulatory. This entails having three non-ambulatory bathrooms, two non-ambulatory showers, and three non-ambulatory changing rooms. Additionally, our facility is equipped with hoyer-styled lifts to ensure the safety of clients during all transitions.

one-to-one services graphic

With ID Team approval, COVE may provide individual staff for client’s needing additional assistance, attention, or redirection.

staffing ratios graphic
Staffing Ratios exceed

Our program exceeds the 3:1 ratio for clients to staff.