Daily Life

Day to day the clients and staff engage in activities such as, arts and crafts, ceramics, sensory activities, music, exercise classes, sports, vocational skills, learning activities, behavioral goals, and gardening.


Cove participates daily in community outings such as going to the movies, bowling, parks, museums, libraries, shopping trips, and small community events such as farmers markets and festivals.

Fair Day

Every year individuals submit projects to the Ventura County Fair then are given the opportunity to attend and participate in fair events.

Pumpkin Patch


Cove visits the Santa Barbara Zoo where individuals are able to learn about wildlife, interact with animals, and socialize with peers in a new environment.

Tailored Day Service

Tailored Day Services enhance integration and inclusion, support employment/volunteer commitments, and facilitate higher education pursuits. These services prioritize improving employability through personalized training with flexible schedules, resulting in proficiency in employment skills, volunteerism, higher education enrollment, and active community engagement.